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Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul Sunday! Whatsoever it is your spirit needs, listen to it. Feed it. Water. Till your soil. Pull up weeds. Burn them off. Plant or nurture a seed of faith. Although you may or sometimes feel trodden from the footsteps of life, stand tall. Get out of your sick bed-mental or physical-walk upright. […]

Mindfulness Mondays


Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Good Day! I am thankful to rise with joy, victory, thanksgiving, health, wholeness, wealth and a spiritual mindset reset for happiness, abundance, peace, faith and love to abide and expound in my life and the universe. May confidence, clarity, affirmative living spill over to all humanity, cleanse us from hatred, sources of division, […]


Repeat Affirmations

Keep Calm Affirmation

Repeat your affirmations or prayers as often as possible to retrain your brain, create new neurological pathways to health and wholeness. You are worth it! You are a divine light being intended to walk the Earth knowing your worth, power and command over your circumstances. You can speak life and health over your life. Do […]

Love Yourself Happy!

Love Yourself Happy

Today is amazing because I see it that way! The sun is shining, I’m alive and I choose to walk in the light, live bright! Recently I’ve been having restless sleep–tossing, turning and a tad grumpy. I had to go into my practice. I began to speak affirmations: “I am alert. I am happy.” I […]

Risks Create Rewards

I Did my best Reward Ribbon

Risks are often associated with fear. Often times overcautious thinking overrides the power of imagination. Consider if we allowed imagination to freely create a vision. Recently, I was speaking with John Masiulionis, co-host for Soul Luminous and Creator of Empowered by John, we were discussing our individual journeys to discovering and living our dharma. I […]

Peace for all Nations


Yesterday, September 21st, was the annual celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace. This prayer of peace resonates well. “May the peace we’ve spoken in our hearts, be lived out every day. May we put our hands over our hearts. Consider the beating hearts around the globe. Tap into that vibration. Touch the […]

International Day of Peace Recognized by LuvEnlightens

6th pass_FINAL to USE

September 21st marks the annual celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace. I, Angel Alley, Creative Visisonary/CEO for LuvEnlightens, was honored to be the Keynote Speaker for the celebration hosted by Occupy Coachella Valley and Veterans for Peace. The highlight of the commemoration has led me to honor it more so daily and […]

Expression Beats Depression Introduces Anonymous Jones

Mental Illness Sucks Funky Stanky Saggy Balls


I have struggled with mental illness since my preteen years.  Those two simple words are heavy are still uncomfortable for me to utter, even in the silence of this page.  Through that silence I hear my own self-judgments screaming maniacally at me from some far away place, that simultaneously seems so close, as if it […]