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Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment

Walk Out on the Water

We are preparing to delve into the Rice Experiment that was done by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Watch this video to learn more about our human connection to water, words and how they both are affecting our bodies health. Consider how words you think or speak to yourself are effecting your molecular structure. Is the water […]

LuvBud Ambassadors

LuvBud Ambassador, Dene, Harley Riding Across USA

LuvBud, Dene, riding Harley cross country USA

LuvBud Ambassador, Dene, riding Harley across USA wearing a LuvEnlightens original affirmation she believes in: Expression Beats Depression. ShopLuv for one of your own!  

LuvEnlightens Rock’n My Sexy T-shirt Sale

LuvEnlightens Rock'n My Sexy

The affirmation “Rock’n My Sexy” is about one’s own confidence. Do not let media shape an image about yourself. Love and adore yourself for who you are. Rock your sexy. Flaunt with this flirty red/cocoa Unisex T-shirt or stylish Women’s Flattering V-neck fashion in Turquoise and Hot Pink.  ShopLuv to get yours now! We are almost […]

LuvBud Ambassador LaKeisha from Texas

LuvBud Ambassador LaKeisha_Gif Card Messages Testimonial

Thank you LuvBud Ambassado LaKeisha of Texas for shining LuvEnlightens Soul-Fitting T-shirt with affirmation “Expression Beats Depression.” I am soul delighted to receive her praise: “I’m happy to wear LuvEnlightens and share the message. I believe in it!” LaKeisha has been a part of LuvEnlightens growth since its early inception. As a Twitter follower, she’s seen the transformation […]


Balanced with Dr. Marissa Pei


Angel, LuvEnlightens Creative Visionary, will be a Special Guest on Dr. Marissa’s show, “Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa Pei.” It is a delight for LuvEnlightens to be featured on Dr. Marissa Pei’s show along with other former Oprah Winfrey guests. Listen in for a “Life Tune Up!” Life Coaching at its finest where she challenges […]

Presidents Day Sale


Happy President’s Day! All LuvEnlightents T-Shirts on sale for 40% off all day long. Use code: PrezLuv to apply. ShopLuv for PrezLuv today only!  

Mindfulness Mondays

Better Walls, Fewer Boundaries

Better Boundaries, Fewer Walls

“Build better boundaries and fewer walls.” ~A.C. Alley A key to emotional wellness is establishing healthy boundaries. Much of self protection comes from violations that left us feeling unsafe. Naturally, we want to soothe the pain and avoid it at all cost. But the cost of erecting walls can cause isolation and loss of community. […]

Image_The Power of I AM_Affirmation

Affirmations: The Power of I AM

The purpose of affirmations is to correct the self talk to speak the truth of your higher self. The self that believes in your worth, believes in your good, forgives yourself and meets your desire to forgive others. The self that struggles with making the mind conform from negative self talk to positive self-worth. Affirmations […]