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LuvEnlightens Angel Special Guest on Soul Luminous Radio for Happy New Year 2015 Countdown

Soul Luminous Radio w Angel promo

Soul Luminous Radio partnered with LuvEnlightens Creative Visionary, Angel, to share a message of transformation for sustainable empowerment and healing in support of our resolutions for Happy New Year 2015 Countdown. We, Angel, and co-host Michelle Rober and John Masiulionis, were led by spirit in an open conversation which was powerfully transformative to us all. If […]

LuvBud Ambassadors

LuvBud Ambassador LaKeisha from Texas

LuvBud Ambassador LaKeisha_Gif Card Messages Testimonial

Thank you LuvBud Ambassado LaKeisha of Texas for shining LuvEnlightens Soul-Fitting T-shirt with affirmation “Expression Beats Depression.” I am soul delighted to receive her praise: “I’m happy to wear LuvEnlightens and share the message. I believe in it!” LaKeisha has been a part of LuvEnlightens growth since its early inception. As a Twitter follower, she’s seen the transformation […]

Sharing Luv on the Holidays!

LuvBud Ambassador Ckey_Beauty on Instagram

Thanksgiving Eve found an amazing LuvBud sharing Luv on the holiday! @ckey_Beauty on Instagram with her family singing… harmonizing! Total amazement when I scrolled down the InstaGram news feed and found her daughter wearing a LuvEnlightens T-shirt. The experience was absolutely “Ordinarily Extraordinary!” Its indescribable… I’m in awe and soul-delighted LuvEnlightens is being shared with […]

Testimonial from LuvBud Ambassador Alex for LuvEnlightens


Testimonial from LuvBud Ambassador Alexandria Merritt wearing LuvEnlightens T-shirt “Ordinarily Extraordinary” while on a Mastermind Retreat in Dubai, Africa.      


Amazing 2014 Gratitude Reflections


I am so elated I slowed down to journal my list of blessings in 2014! It has been an amazing blessed year. I am full of gratitude! Before the clock chimes midnight on my coast, I am grateful to rattle off the list of gifts I can remember. I am certain there are more. If […]

Happy New Year, Happy New You!


Happy New Year to a Happy New You! LuvEnlightens celebrates your resolutions for transformation. ShopLuv for a lifestyle T-shirt with an affirmation to inspire you and many others to cause a Global Heart Warming Effect. LuvEnlightens is offering a 25% off promotion for every product in our store to support your transformation. Soul-Fitting, Life Affirming, […]

Mindfulness Mondays

Better Walls, Fewer Boundaries

Better Boundaries, Fewer Walls

“Build better boundaries and fewer walls.” ~A.C. Alley A key to emotional wellness is establishing healthy boundaries. Much of self protection comes from violations that left us feeling unsafe. Naturally, we want to soothe the pain and avoid it at all cost. But the cost of erecting walls can cause isolation and loss of community. […]

Image_The Power of I AM_Affirmation

Affirmations: The Power of I AM

The purpose of affirmations is to correct the self talk to speak the truth of your higher self. The self that believes in your worth, believes in your good, forgives yourself and meets your desire to forgive others. The self that struggles with making the mind conform from negative self talk to positive self-worth. Affirmations […]