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Over the Hump Day

Over the Hump Wednesday

What to do to get over the hump this day? What measure of degree must I move myself or my situation for light to shine in? How can I affect a positive change from the position I am currently in? These are the questions to ponder when you have something to get over the hump […]

Mindfulness Mondays

Gratefulness Good Morning Good Day

Gratefulness Creates Great Benefits

Gratefulness creates great benefits in our lives from reducing stress to creating joy. An excerpt of “Good Morning, Good Day!” audio download begins: “Good Morning, Good Day! I greet you with gratefulness.” Greet You with Gratefulness video blog (aka “vlog) expounds on the importance of taking authority over your thought life from the start of the day. […]


Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 
"Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree". Receive 25% Use promo code: LUVENU

Happy Earth Day Beloveds! Today I celebrate Earth and all its magnificence. Because of my strict religious upbringing I almost feel like its blasphemous to say, “I celebrate Earth.” But it is not. I know exactly the beauty in the celebration. I celebrate the Creator of Earth and all life. I celebrate the powerful properties […]

Seeking Speakers

Black baby doll fitted tee 
100% cotton.

LuvEnlightens is seeking speakers for its Transformative Life Show on Blog Talk Radio. We will be highlighting “Expression Beats Depression.” We want to impact people’s lives go from surviving to thriving. LuvEnlightens emphasizes the ability to transform one’s life. We desire to create a safe space where people can be candid and heal. Our shows […]

Love Girls Magazine & Tots for Teens


LuvEnlightens is supporting the teens of Love Girls Magazine in their promotion of empowerment at the Tots to Teens Expo 2014 in Washington DC. Lead, Overcome, Value, Empower are their fundamental philosophies. Likewise, so are LuvEnlightens. We are so proud they will be wearing our Recycle Love T-shirt. Recycle Love represents three areas in which we can […]

Erik Wahl Interview at ASI Show


Amazing interview with Erik Wahl, Graffiti Artist Extraordinaire & Author, at ASI Show in Long Beach, CA.  Erik is awesome! He is a creative beast! He’s also an empathetic man who emanates positive energy. He agreed to this impromptu meeting. Here what he has to say about using creativity, imagination and how he relates it […]

Learning Lessons


Learning life lessons is mind boggling, heart stretching and flat out unavoidable. Urgh! The thought of the hardships endured for lessons learned. Since growing pains breaks forth beauty in time, I urge you to take wisdom as a friend, comforter and guide. Allow wisdom to guide your conversation. Before wisdom can guide what you speak, […]