Approach Your Vision with Optimism

Approach your vision with optimism sounds straight forward but some of you, perhaps all of us, at some time or another,
shoot down y/our dream before the thought can take root in y/our mind.  
We have a choice when we are creating to either agree or disagree with the idea, to see a pathway to existence or decimation.  
Which do you likely agree with? How do you manage your inner critic?
We all have an inner critic that is worse than the voice whomever criticism originated from.
We have the ability to tear down ourselves more greatly than anyone else.
Often times, staying in old patterns is created by our own design.
 Can you picture an animation character of someone dressed in camaflouge prepared for battle
shooting at impermeable clouds of greatness full of creative prosperous ideas?
 You wouldn’t do that to yourself… would you?
To truly envision something means you not only capture a snap shot of what your life could be like, you also feel the feeling,
when you’re imagining yourself or life at its best. It’s like you’re transported out of body temporarily and you see yourself in the future.
You become to embody these characteristics until they become you.
  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How would you describe your character? (Self-confident, honest, liable, giving, a doer…)
  • What colors or images is around you/in your vision?
  • How do you feel?
This process is called visioning. When you vision listen to the comments that arise. Take two pieces of paper. On one sheet,
write your extraordinary vision, ideas and thoughts. Refrain from judgment. For those nagging, judging, despairing thoughts or
inner comments from our inner-critic arise dispel of them by excusing them from your brain to the second sheet.   These underlying
thoughts attempting to inform you that “You’re not good enough,” are your greatest enemies to defeat.
How to combat pessimistic criticism? How do you deal with the negative feelings or thoughts that come up when you are aspiring to
move forward? Our minds/bodies record history that associates to the feeling body. If you felt like crap from an experience, the
principle of path of least resistance would apply that you/I/we do not want to feel pain again. 
No, no, no!!! So… we often times will refrain from healthy risk taking because of a past memory or experience. In that matter
we must speak to the old memory/experience and change the paradigm by speaking a new truth, a word of comfort or words of encouragement.
Write the comment/statement on a separate sheet of paper.
Inform the thought, “I don’t need you anymore. I know the truth of who I am.”
Create an affirmative phrase praising the truth of your worth.
                                “I am capable.”
                                “I am intelligent. I can learn.”
                                “I will explore for fun!”                                
                                “My ideas are genius!”
                                “I prosper in mind, body and spirit when I create!”
Be mindful, what you think or believe, your mind and emotional body will believe and conform to as well.
The key is in believing. You must be aware of what you believe. If you are believing defeated thinking, you will ultimately live and attract
a defeated lifestyle.  When you believe you are a winner, highly capable and unstoppable… guess what?
You become your own Superman or Wonder Woman. And we know this to be true, right??
Remember at least one thing (three preferred) when you were completely proud of yourself for yourself. Your approval of yourself was/is
all that matters. Are you shining, beaming with inner-joy, self-less ego pride? Capture the moment, the feeling(s) and anticipate its
recreation in new form in your life multiple times over.
As I have comforted myself, I am encouraging you, “Be your own best friend.”
I am encouraging us in this article to embrace our ideas or vision with optimism.
If we are not optimistic about the idea or vision, who else would be? Be good to yourself.
And you will find the world is good to you because you too will also be good to the world.

Speak Your Peace


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