I Am Happy

I Am Happy

"I am so happy with the life I have created.

Can you say the same?

If not, what are you willing to change?"


I wrote this on 3/31/2023 after encouraging myself to do a look back at the 1st Quarter of the Year. I was looking ahead at what needed to be accomplished. The look back was worth the journey.

I declared, "I will not regret anything. All the steps I've taken before support me now." 

I observed there were many accomplishments. I started to filling up with joy! But I know my comment, "I am so happy with the life I have created," resonates with my heart.

I love my life! Its very empowering to say so. I have peace, joy, contentment. I have dealt with the horrors and I still see that I am blessed! The light of God in me has never gone out. I am thankful.

My mind is completely in tact. I am grateful. I have life and health. I am thankful. I am loved. I value my experiences. I value who I love and who is loving me. 

I am grateful to know that love is more than romantic. There's also friendship and agape love. I am grateful for the love journey and exchange from my LuvPup. I am grateful! 

I am thankful for the success. I am thankful I continue to believe in the vision--LuvEnlightens. Today I was tired; but again, I show up. Thank you for showing up with me. 

Please continue to stay with us. Growth is expected whether gradual or suddenly, the LuvEnlightens will succeed in our mission to Seed Love & Cause a Global Heartwarming


Quote was written by A.C.Alley 3/31/2023 (c)

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