Hello LuvBud!

Thank you for shopping with LuvEnlightens!

We are a social enterprise selling Tees & Things as a means to share messages of love to enlighten the soul.

Your purchase is helping us to fulfill our mission to Seed Love & Cause a Global Heartwarming.

We affectionately call our consumers a LuvBud because they are a buddy to the brand and helping love to bud in the Earth.

Our goal is to sale 40K Tees to plant 10K Trees to support 1-Year of Agroforestry with our partner, Trees for the Future. 

In gratitude of your patronage, we are gifting this Seed of Love to you!

We ask you to say a prayer, make a wish, somehow bless the seed with love you wish to see bloom in the Earth. 

As the seed absorbs into the soil, takes root, and blooms into a tree, it will then oxygenate the planet with love, hence causing a Global Heartwarming. 

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