Seed Love

LuvEnlightens is a social enterprise caring for the environment.

Our big audacious goal is to plant 10K Trees or greater each fiscal year--from Earth Day to Earth Day, April 22nd every year--to make the greatest impact for planting trees.

We envisioned a multi-giving campaign between the consumer, our business, and our collaborative partner which we call Seed Love.

Our signature Heaven-to-Heart, Heart-to-Handwritten Affirmations are intended to Seed Love into your soul. Enlighten and change the environment within you to love, shine brighter.

Every T-shirt or product purchase, LuvEnlightens will make a

charitable donation to Trees for the Future to support our Cause to Global Heartwarming. Hence, changing the external environment.

Our donation amount is equal to or greater than 1 Seed per Tee.

Because you have made a deposit, or Seed Love, into our social enterprise business, we gift the seeds to be planted as tress back to you.

After receipt of purchase, you will receive a "Welcome LuvBud" notification to redeem your gifts.

We encourage your participation to make a wish, say a prayer, bless the seed that is sown into the ground with the love you wish to see grow in the Earth, yourself, family, etc.

We ask that you make it personal. We wish for love to grow strong, oxygenate the planet, touching many lives for generations today and to come with love we seed to make a global difference.  

Shop our Collections to become a LuvBud today! Your purchase is what helps us obtain our ultimate goal to Seed Love & Cause a Global Heartwarming!

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Trees for the Future (TFTF) has a very sophisticated and smart approach to support communities, combat poverty, while building a sustainable environment which they call agroforestry. To learn more about Trees for the Future, please visit their website or view video.